What a neat idea…

Normally I get up in the morning, turn on my PC, grab a cup of coffee and read the news.  Go over to Facebook and read a bit then move over to my email and read more.  Yep I love to read no matter what it is.  (Although at the moment the book I am reading is a disappointment of sorts but I will get to that later).  So I’m scrolling FB and see an advert for this website.  Normally I don’t click on the adverts but this one caught my eye and being fellow book lovers I thought I would share it with you.  I do not in anyway have anything to do with these folks.  I just found it and have not looked into their product much other than to browse around a bit looking at the content.  I don’t know the quality of their products or how they conduct business so I can not give a review (hey if Lithographs reads this just know I am right here waiting to review it all for you so feel free to contact me and I will try any and all products for you…by the way, The Princess Bride is one of my favs!).  I just thought it was a neat idea.  Yea I just used the word neat lol…deal with it.

So the site is called Lithographs and the idea is so cool.  They take words from contemporary books, maybe a poem, and print the words on a tee shirt, tote bag and even a scarf.  Add a bit of graphic art and viola!  Take a peek.  Have you tried their products before?  Let us know in the comments and tell us what you think.

And since I mentioned The Princess Bride here are some pics of the scarf and tee.




Just a few memes for today

Well my plans for saving a bit of $ here and there went down the ..well you get it.  Had to use $10 of my $15 for some household stuff the other day when we were caught short of cash.  Oh well, will start again.  Good news is I think I have planted that seed in hubby’s head and am watering and tending it every chance I get when we are out and about in shops.  I stop to look at coffee makers to see if there are good prices and look at the different brands, get his opinion etc.  So Christmas is coming and my birthday is in February.  Crossin’ my fingers.


I have so ingrained this into my boys heads.  Anytime we get in the car and it is daylight out and my wipers are on I ask them “What is the rule?” and whomever is in the car with me answers “Wipers on, headlights on!”.

Please remember this! I have always used this rule of thumb…if your wipers are on then your headlights should be too. Fog, rain, snow…turn them on folks!


Saw this this morning on Facebook and it just hit home for me.  Living in a household of 7 people rarely makes it quiet in here.  When kids go to school, hubby is at work and things are quiet, well it feels decadent.

Glad I waited on an impulse buy

So hubby and I took the boys to the mall yesterday after the football game (WTG Cowboys!! 9 & 1 for the season so far) for some lunch and a walk around.  We had to stop at Sears for hubby to trade in a socket (once again they didn’t have it) so I wandered over to the kitchen stuff.  Yes I did head straight for the coffee makers.  I happen to spot one and it is on sale.  Looking all over the box and at all the other K Cup types and since this Sears is a bit of a mess I can’t make heads nor tails of the prices and don’t want to bend over and crane my head to try and figure out what is what.  Anyway, I digress.  Hubby comes over and I show him my find.  It is an iCoffee Express.  It was $24.99.  I figured that was a good price and really tried to talk him into it but he said to leave it and we would come back to it.  I thought maybe he just didn’t want to walk all over the mall with a bulky box.  I should have known better since we really don’t have the extra money to spend on something we don’t really need.  Perfectly good coffee maker sitting at my brew station.  The other thing we both liked about this one is that it has it’s own filter to use your own coffee vs a K Cup thingy.  Sometimes you just want your own coffee or you might be out of the little cups.

Oh if you head over to their site there are videos to watch with overly eager pitch masters…but still informative.

So this morning when I got up I was still thinking about.  Obsess much?  I decided to do a little sleuthing and find out more on this iCoffee Express.  Went to Amazon.com and did what I usually do and look at the reviews.  Not just the good ones but the bad ones too.  If they are all saying the same thing then I know that that particular gripe is a real issue.  Well it gets a good amount of reviews.  61% of users gave it 5 stars.  And 16% 1 star.  Not bad really.  So for the price, it is on my list.

Later that night we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few items and so I once again wandered *ahem…steered the cart* toward the coffee makers.  Saw another model that hubby was more interested in and it made more sense.  It is a dual type brewer with a 12 cup on one side and a K Cup on the other and you can use a travel mug with it which hubby does every morning.  But after going on Amazon to look at the reviews I don’t think, percentage wise, that it is that good.  36% are 5 star with a bit bigger difference in the 1 star at 28%.  It is the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker.

So with this little bit of information now it’s time to start really looking and hoping to find the right machine for us.  I think it will need to be a dual type.  Makes more sense but then again we already have a drip maker…..hey a thought just popped into my head.  Might just grab my $15 I have saved and head on over to the couple of thrift shops in the area.  Sometimes you find a little treasure still sealed in the box that someone got as a gift and didn’t want.  Always love those finds.  Found my awesome Electric Pressure Cooker that way at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom line is I am glad I waited on that impulse buy.  I think more research is needed to make a good decision that we will both be happy with.  If you have any comments for me or suggestions on which brew system I should look at please write me a comment!

Well I am off to finish getting boys ready for school, then chores then maybe an hour or two on line, then shopping then….wow where did the day go?

Found a fun coffee site

Well it’s Sunday here in my little part of CA with a cup of coffee next to me and a wet day outside.  Makes for a very happy me even though my boys didn’t let me sleep in.

I have had my new blog here for a few days as well as the new Twitter and Instagram accounts connected to it.  I was actually followed on Twitter by a fun looking coffee company called MixCups.  I popped on over there to see what it was about and why they followed me.  Glad I did.  What a great little site.  They launched in 2012.  You should pop on over to read their story.  Well anyway they also have a contest going on giving away 34 free pods.  Of course I entered even though I don’t yet have a K-Cup® Brewing System.  One day.  I have $15 saved so far.  Not sure that will grow anytime soon but I will keep percolating away at it.

So their site over at MixCups is pretty fab.  What a great idea and it seems reasonable on pricing.  I have not tried their product yet so I can’t give a review on it but maybe one day.  All I can say is that it would make a fun and unique gift for that coffee lover on your list this year.  Better yet get two and give one to yourself for being such a thoughtful friend!  For only $12.95 you can send out a fun Mini Mix of 10 per box of their featured selections.  Give that one as a gift then get yourself on the monthly subscription.  For just $29.95 a month you can get 30 cups of coffee.  That is just a $1 a day for that one special cup of coffee to treat yourself to.  They also have tea there if you get into that sort of thing.  Going to have to look around and see if they have a mix of both to send out like a combo pack of coffee and tea.  Anyway there is a fun idea for less than $15 to give a super gift to someone.

Well I am off for now.  Going to go watch my Cowboys!  Man are they have a great season!

What I am drinking and reading

Well today is the first day of the rest….jeez…no way I am starting off like that.  First, thanks for stopping in. Hope you have a good cuppa coffee in hand while you peruse.

Today I am drinking, only on my 3rd cup, Folgers Classic Roast with French Vanilla by Coffee Mate.  I have tried several different brands of drip coffee but seem to keep coming back to this one.  Same with the creamer.  At times it can be a little bitter but the creamer makes it just right.  I have a Mr. Coffee 12 cup programmable drip coffee maker that looks like this one but about a year or 2 older.  I do want to eventually get a K-Cup® Brewing System.  Hubby and I would love to have one but alas not in the budget for now.  Might just have to start socking away a few dollars here and there in secret.  Shhhhh.

I have a Kindle Fire.  Hubby bought it for me as a Christmas/birthday present a few years back so it isn’t a new one and recently it has started to act a bit wonky on me.  I can’t tell you how much I love my Kindle without gushing.  I will try.  First it’s so easy to use.  I have had an Amazon account for many years so getting books for it from Amazon is a snap.  I also can plug it directly into my PC via USB cable and drag and drop books into the file.  ALSO I have this handy dandy nifty do-dad I downloaded from Amazon called Send to Kindle.  Not only does it send my books to my Kindle (or any other device you have registered at Amazon) but magazines, movies and so on.  Just right click a file on your PC and scroll down to the Send to Kindle option.  In there you can send it to any or all your devices.  For example I like reading magazine during hubby’s bowling nights.  I right click them from my PC and Send to my iPad2.  Open up the iPad and there it is!

So what am I currently reading?  I will tell you that one of my favorite authors to read is Nora Roberts.  I love her books.  I suppose it is a guilty pleasure to read a romance novel and to be honest I am not much of a romance reader.  Her books are different though.  They often times have supernatural themes to them.  Right now I am reading book 3 in the Donovan Legacy Series called Charmed.  Books 1 and 2 I went through very quickly and book 3 is half way done already.  Then on to book 4!

I am also trying to start J.K. Rowling‘s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I have to tell you that I love Harry Potter.  I picked up the first book quite by accident one night.  I had just finished one of Nora’s books and it was pretty late.  My boys were asleep and my oldest was about 12 at the time I think.  I didn’t have any other books to read so I went into his room and spotted the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Meh…ok.  I couldn’t put that book down!  I was hooked!  Anyway I have been a what do you call them?  A Potterhead ever since.  So now that this new movie is coming out I want to read the book first.  Not sure I will get through the whole thing before I see the movie and that will be a first for me.  Have always gotten the books first then watched the films.

So that is all for today.  I hope you check out some of the books I am reading and let me know if you have read them or plan to.  Always happy to chit chat about some of my favorite things.