What it is all about here

Welcome to my blog!  Here I will share some of my favorite things.  If I try out a new product I will share my findings and views on it and give you links.  When it rains there may be a pic or two.  When I am reading a book I will share my thoughts on it too.    Sometimes you will get different views from my family members so it’s not just my views but a few different ones from folks with different tastes and different age ranges.

Coffee ::  I LOVE coffee.  Hot, iced, blended, in candy form, ice cream form, smelly candle…whatever form it takes I love it!

Rain ::  When the weatherperson says “bad weather” I brighten up.  I LOVE the rain, cloudy days, thunder and lightning, stormy weather.  It puts me in such a great mood.

a Good Book ::  I read, a lot.  Well not as much as some book lovers but I enjoy my guilty pleasures and one such way is through a book.  Books transport you into different worlds, teach you new things or about old things…jeez I can’t say enough about books that most don’t already know.

I have other things that I love too.  The 80’s (music, TV, movies, toys, history etc), cross stitching when I can, TV (and boy do I watch too much at times), movies, playing bingo, playing poker, traveling, trying out new kitchen/home gadgets to make life easier, finding great deals and discounts, trying recipes that are easy and all the family will eat, tech gadgets and apps and stuff to make my life easier in general.  I hope you enjoy boppin’ around here.