I got it! I got my Kcup!

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything.  My bad but I figure no one reads my blog anyway lol.  Here is an update on the goings on just in case I get a reader or two.

February was my birthday month.  My 49th.  Wow I truly feel like it on the outside but on the inside I’m still 17.

For my birthday we decided to get the coffee maker we have been eyeballing.  I checked the reviews of the one we wanted and finally went to Target to pick one up.  We chose the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew® 2-Way Coffee Maker.  It has a carafe for up to 12 cups at one time or the Kcup on the other for single serve.  You can use any brand Kcup so far as I can tell.  I researched online to find that there were less expensive places to purchase but I wanted to use my Target Red Card since I get an additional 5% off.  Target has a price match policy and so thus began my quest to find the least expensive place to buy the coffee maker.  If you go to the Target website they have a list of competitors they will price match with.  Open up that document and highlight each store then just right click and go to website.  I copy/pasted the name and started my search at each and every location listed.  The coffee maker at Target is normally $79.99 but it was on sale at $69.99.  I found a price online for $59.88.  Saved it to my phone so that when I brought it up to the customer service I could show them.  Super easy.  Time consuming?  Not much really.  I figure if it had not been on sale I would have saved over $20 but as it sits it was $10 savings plus 5% off total purchase since I used my Target Red Card.


The coffee maker is easy to use and works beautifully.  If you choose to go with it make sure you run about 2 carafes of water through to clear out the plastic taste, maybe 3.  Then run at least two through the Kcup side with some cheap Kcup.  Don’t drink those!  They will taste gross and plastic flavored.  This one is also programmable for either side which is a plus since hubby wakes at 2:45 a.m. for work.  By the time he is dressed he has his travel mug filled with enough coffee left in the carafe for me when I wake at 6:15 a.m.  If I end up wanting more coffee after that then I get to use the Kcup side vs making a whole pot.  Or we just feel like having a cup after dinner.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I have to tell you that after trying out the The Original Donut Shop® Coffee K-Cup® Pod I am in love!  It has a bold coffee flavor and is just so tasty.  Puts any other one I have tried to shame really.  I told my oldest son and his fiance they could use the machine and although they are not big coffee drinkers they have bought some Kcups and use it too.  I also told him that I love the Donut shop best so far.  So as a little late birthday gift they went out and bought me two boxes of it!  Happy happy joy joy!


Well that is it for now.  I will update with my current reads later today or tomorrow or this week or next month…..see ya then!

Happy New Year 2017

Well of course my plans to get a KCup coffee maker fell through.  One day.  For Christmas I did however get myself a gift of a Mr. Coffee electric cup warmer.  My coffee goes cold while I sit at my PC and I thought this was way better than having to get up and warm it in the microwave.  It really is an awesome little thing in life.  I went on Amazon and looked around for a coffee cup warmer, did my research, and came across this one.  Great price and fantastic reviews.  So I chose it.  My gift to myself.  I highly recommend it if you find the same thing happens to you.  I don’t work outside the home but if I did and was still working in an office I would get a second one for there for sure.

I finished my third book in the Nora Roberts Guardians Trilogy, The Island of Glass.  What a fun series to read.  Full of fantasy, romance, paranormal characters, comedy, adventure, mystery.  It truly was a great series and I enjoyed it very much.

Currently I am reading three books.  One is another paranormal.  It is a cozy mystery called The Werewolf Meets His Match by Kristin Painter.  I read the first one in the series called The Vampires Mail Order Bride.  It was a freebie by Amazon so I downloaded it and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I don’t normally read these types of books but it looked fun and was.  This is book two in the Nocturne Falls series.

The second book I am reading is Lauren Graham, of The Gilmore Girls show fame, Talking As Fast As I Can.  More or less a biography of sorts.  Just started it and am only a few chapters in and so far it’s also been a fun read.

The third book is The Light on the Water by Olga Lorenzo.  A mystery.  Only a few pages in since I just started last night.  Looks like this will be a good one.

Now the other day I was out of creamer and went to the store.  They had some Bailey’s creamers on sale.  I am normally a French Vanilla creamer type person.  I’ve tried other flavors but always go back to French Vanilla.  I saw an Irish Cream by Bailey’s on sale for just $2.99 so I thought I would give it a try.  Not for me.  I actually find it a bit bitter.  I went and got a small French Vanilla to mix with it.  Got to remember never to try anything new when it comes to creamer.  I’ve tried most and keep going back to my standard.

Well that is all for now.  Have to put away Christmas today.  Tree, village on the mantel and misc decor around the living room.  Didn’t do the outside this year so only the inside of the house needs putting away.  Shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

Just put the bread maker on and making a simple onion flavored white bread to go with my Faki, Greek Lentil Soup.  Mine is fairly simple with lentils, whole basil leaf, lots of garlic and vinegar at the end.  Some call for celery or shredded carrot but that isn’t how it was made for me as a kid, so I am a bit of a purist and got my Thea’s recipe (Greek for Aunt).  My boys love it!

What are you all reading at the beginning of this year?  Share your books and recommendations!

The best laid plans….

Well my day of sitting in the living room in front of an open window listening to the rain and reading my new book are broken.  I have too much to do today so that will just have to wait.  Not to mention the “rain” (I put that into quotes because here in CA the weather people always make such a big deal out of sprinkles that they call it rain…sometimes go so far to call it a storm!  Ohhh) didn’t really come down as I would have loved it to.  A bit of sprinkling off an on this morning but it all ended too soon around 9 am.  Not supposed to “rain” again till around 4 pm.

My day you ask?  Well my middle son (just turned 16) needs a new bed.  Last night we went here in town and looked at beds for him.  $$$$ dang they are pricey but hey he really needs one.  You see my baby was born with Cerebral Palsy and severe club feet.  He is partially paralyzed on his left side from the CP and has had 4 surgeries on his feet.  His body isn’t built like “normal” (yep there I go with those parenthesis again) people’s bodies.  He is weaker on his left side and the muscle mass is so much lower.  He hurts.  He often hurts when he wakes up because his bed is older and the springs are tough little buggers.  So we went down and he tried out many beds and finally settled on a pillow top.  It’s by Sealy and really pricey for us but we will work it out somehow.  Also getting him a new dresser.  SOOOO with those being delivered tomorrow I have to go into a teenage boys room and clear it out and change it around to make room for the new stuff.  Going to have my oldest help me out today to get it done.  It’s a big job, it’s a big mess in there.  So wish me luck!

Maybe I can get to my book in a few days if the “rain” comes back.  Not that I don’t read when it isn’t raining but it’s always nicer when it is raining.

Oh Happy Day, The New Nora Roberts book is out!

So today I am a happy gal.  The third book of the Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts is out.  Island of Glass was just released and I have the e-book just waiting to be read.  I am going to finish my current Nora book first.  And by the way after reading a little bit more yesterday and this morning I am enjoying where it is going, see my notes on it in yesterdays post.  I am about half way through the book now.

So the new book!  I read the first two and they are great fun!  A real adventure.  Magics.  Supernatural beings including a Mermaid, a Lycanthrope, a Seer, a Magician and more.  It really is a fun read and now all three books are out so if you have not read them and you enjoy adventure, magic and some romance then rush out and pick them up from your library or book store.  Giving you the link to Amazon so check them out there too.

Stars of Fortune is the first book.  Bay of Sighs the second and now Island of Glass.

Oh and even happier when I look at the forecast and see that there may be rain on Thursday!  Think I will snuggle up on the couch with my coffee, fuzzy blanket and new book on Thursday after dropping boys at school and open the window, listen to the rain and indulge myself for a few hours of reading and peacefulness.




What I am currently reading

So the other day I mentioned that I wasn’t totally thrilled with the current book I am reading.  First I will say I have a few favorite authors who are my go to.  Nora Roberts is one of them.  I am not a huge romance reader but I enjoy her books when they are supernatural in nature.  Witches and ghosts and all the like.  It makes it fun.  I became a fan many years ago while perusing the book section of the local thrift shop.  I can’t remember which book it was.  Anyway I now have all of her books, including her mystery writer books under JD Robb, in ebook format (except the one that will never be put in ebook).

Right now I am reading Enchanted :: The Donovan Legacy.  It is book #4.  The first three I flew through and they were great fun.  All different but connected and you get to revisit the characters from the previous books.  Another reason I enjoy her books is a lot are trilogies.  Anyway so I am on book 4 now.  Character is still a Donovan but not one I am familiar with per the first three books.  In this one it seems the other 3 Donovans (cousins) are not part of this, or at least not yet.  The reason I am not that thrilled with this one is the way the main male lead, Liam Donovan, is portrayed.  He can take shape as a wolf and has not told the female lead, Rowan, of his true self yet.  Anyhoo he has at times gone to her in wolf form and been there while she undressed, bathed and while she spoke to him about Liam the human or about her personal feelings/secrets.  I just don’t feel that is in character for Nora in this book and it is throwing me off.  She usually has much more respect for non magical persons and not harming anyone with their gifts.  Although he is not harming he is taking advantage and that is one of the reasons I am not enjoying this one as much as the others.  Still a nice story and her writing always takes you to the place and puts you right there.  She has an easy way of description that always makes you feel as if you are there and can picture all the scenery as well as the people.

I will at a later date tell you who my other favorite authors are.  For now maybe check Nora out if you haven’t already and try a trilogy of hers.  I would recommend the Donovan Legacy since it is fresh in my mind.  Your local library should have them.  If you read or have read them let me know what you thought.

What a neat idea…

Normally I get up in the morning, turn on my PC, grab a cup of coffee and read the news.  Go over to Facebook and read a bit then move over to my email and read more.  Yep I love to read no matter what it is.  (Although at the moment the book I am reading is a disappointment of sorts but I will get to that later).  So I’m scrolling FB and see an advert for this website.  Normally I don’t click on the adverts but this one caught my eye and being fellow book lovers I thought I would share it with you.  I do not in anyway have anything to do with these folks.  I just found it and have not looked into their product much other than to browse around a bit looking at the content.  I don’t know the quality of their products or how they conduct business so I can not give a review (hey if Lithographs reads this just know I am right here waiting to review it all for you so feel free to contact me and I will try any and all products for you…by the way, The Princess Bride is one of my favs!).  I just thought it was a neat idea.  Yea I just used the word neat lol…deal with it.

So the site is called Lithographs and the idea is so cool.  They take words from contemporary books, maybe a poem, and print the words on a tee shirt, tote bag and even a scarf.  Add a bit of graphic art and viola!  Take a peek.  Have you tried their products before?  Let us know in the comments and tell us what you think.

And since I mentioned The Princess Bride here are some pics of the scarf and tee.



Just a few memes for today

Well my plans for saving a bit of $ here and there went down the ..well you get it.  Had to use $10 of my $15 for some household stuff the other day when we were caught short of cash.  Oh well, will start again.  Good news is I think I have planted that seed in hubby’s head and am watering and tending it every chance I get when we are out and about in shops.  I stop to look at coffee makers to see if there are good prices and look at the different brands, get his opinion etc.  So Christmas is coming and my birthday is in February.  Crossin’ my fingers.


I have so ingrained this into my boys heads.  Anytime we get in the car and it is daylight out and my wipers are on I ask them “What is the rule?” and whomever is in the car with me answers “Wipers on, headlights on!”.

Please remember this! I have always used this rule of thumb…if your wipers are on then your headlights should be too. Fog, rain, snow…turn them on folks!


Saw this this morning on Facebook and it just hit home for me.  Living in a household of 7 people rarely makes it quiet in here.  When kids go to school, hubby is at work and things are quiet, well it feels decadent.