Yea it’s been a while…

So as almost all of you have experienced real life somehow seems to get in the way of having a bit of downtime to appreciate the things you enjoy…such as a good cup of coffee, time to read or just sit and watch the rain.  My reality hit at the beginning of the year and it’s been busy since.  I can also say that it won’t end until late this year…possibly October or November.  I may not be posting much.

Well on to my first subject.  Coffee.  A while back Starbucks was giving away free samples of their coffee in pod form.  I sent away for it and got it the other day.  I was so excited when I got my free samples (oh yea by the way I love getting freebies in the mail.  Who doesn’t?)  So in my pretty little package I received Caffe Verona, French Roast and Sumatra.  This morning I tried the Sumatra.  Wow does this cup of coffee pack a flavor punch.  It is strong yet not bitter.  I think strong isn’t the correct word…bold!  Bold is the right word.  Packs a punch of flavor.  Keep in mind that I am a creamer gal.  I am using, as usual, Coffee Mate French Vanilla.  I’m not shy about how much goes in either and this cup of coffee is still awesome bold!  I am seriously thinking about reusing that pod one more time since I think it will give one more cup of coffee.  Ok off to try that and I will be back to let you know….and the test results are…a big no, you can not get a second cup out of a Starbucks pod of Sumatra.  Worth a try.

So if you enjoy a bold coffee flavor then Starbucks Sumatra blend is totally worth a try.

And now to my second subject for today.  I am a total bargain hunter and enjoy going to the local thrift stores.  I have wanted to get a pod holder but really haven’t found one I like much.  I have been using a pretty wire and wicker basket.  A few weeks back I was in our local thrift with three of my boys and I spotted this thing, wasn’t sure what it was but knew it was something I wanted or needed.  It just looked familiar but I was having a total mind burp.  One of my twins came over and I asked him what he thought it was and he said that it looks like a coffee pod holder.  It was chrome and it spun and had these holders in it.  By George!  He’s right!  OMG I totally kept hold of that little find.  $5?  Umm…ok.  It looks brand new and it feels expensive.  It had weight to it and was shiny and pretty and it spins!  I bring it home, wash it thoroughly and set it up at my coffee bar.  Sure enough those little pods fit right in it.  I spun it round and smiled at my little find.  Then the sleuth in me wanted to know how much of a find I truly had made.  Went and did a bit of homework on the net and found out I had saved about $20.  SCORE!


Yep you see some decaf in there…lol…I filled this up so I could take a nice pic for you.  Those decaf came in a box of pods we bought a while back.  They were in the drawer of my coffee bar so I pulled them out to fill this up for the pic.  We keep them on hand as a just in case company comes by and they want a decaf or if..gulp..we actually get lazy and don’t run out to buy coffee and use these.  Don’t judge…you know you get a little lazy once in a while.

Ok I will review a couple of books later, talk about the heat here and our little trip to Vegas.  Off to do some chores, read the news, read my e-mail, put together my menu for the next 2 weeks, get my shopping list done and putter off to do the shopping.

Thanks for taking the time to sit with a cup of coffee and read all this.


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