Sharing a cool site for bargain hunters

So about 2 months I came across a site called Hollar.  I’m a big fan of bargains as I have stated before.  So because I had free shipping on a $10 order I decided to look around the site.  Some cool stuff there.  Some you can find at your local discount stores so not everything is a great deal but some stuff was fun.  This was one of them…


Isn’t that cute?  It stands 20″ tall!  It is also mirrored.  Unfortunately this one is sold out at the moment but if you sign up I’m sure you could keep an eye out for it.  Now…here is the other one I want to get.  It’s the same size with a mirrored back and it’s cute.


Guess what?  They are only $5!  That’s it!  Now if you sign up I think you get some sort of bonus like free shipping or $ off your first order.  Use my link here or above to sign up please.

There is a little kickback for me if you do of $2.  It’s not much but it would be nice.  Then when you sign up you can get family or friends to sign up with your link and get a little love back.

Well I just wanted to share these with you.  Hope you sign up and by the way if you sign up and just put a search in for “COFFEE” there is one more wall plaque in there for $5 too.  A coffee and friendship mirrored one.  So if you need a $10 purchase to get free shipping then there you go!  Two awesome wall hangings for your coffee nook.

045748-00On a side note…my hubby signed up and he got $10 free the other day in an email.  I only got $5 but hey better than a poke in the eye with a sharpie right?

Let me know in the comments if you signed up!

Oh and I also got this cutie pie since I do love Peanuts.  We are moving soon and if all goes well I will have a nice laundry room so this will go in it.  This too is sold out at the moment but typing in Peanuts in the search will get other character wall hangings.



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