Happy New Year 2017

Well of course my plans to get a KCup coffee maker fell through.  One day.  For Christmas I did however get myself a gift of a Mr. Coffee electric cup warmer.  My coffee goes cold while I sit at my PC and I thought this was way better than having to get up and warm it in the microwave.  It really is an awesome little thing in life.  I went on Amazon and looked around for a coffee cup warmer, did my research, and came across this one.  Great price and fantastic reviews.  So I chose it.  My gift to myself.  I highly recommend it if you find the same thing happens to you.  I don’t work outside the home but if I did and was still working in an office I would get a second one for there for sure.

I finished my third book in the Nora Roberts Guardians Trilogy, The Island of Glass.  What a fun series to read.  Full of fantasy, romance, paranormal characters, comedy, adventure, mystery.  It truly was a great series and I enjoyed it very much.

Currently I am reading three books.  One is another paranormal.  It is a cozy mystery called The Werewolf Meets His Match by Kristin Painter.  I read the first one in the series called The Vampires Mail Order Bride.  It was a freebie by Amazon so I downloaded it and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I don’t normally read these types of books but it looked fun and was.  This is book two in the Nocturne Falls series.

The second book I am reading is Lauren Graham, of The Gilmore Girls show fame, Talking As Fast As I Can.  More or less a biography of sorts.  Just started it and am only a few chapters in and so far it’s also been a fun read.

The third book is The Light on the Water by Olga Lorenzo.  A mystery.  Only a few pages in since I just started last night.  Looks like this will be a good one.

Now the other day I was out of creamer and went to the store.  They had some Bailey’s creamers on sale.  I am normally a French Vanilla creamer type person.  I’ve tried other flavors but always go back to French Vanilla.  I saw an Irish Cream by Bailey’s on sale for just $2.99 so I thought I would give it a try.  Not for me.  I actually find it a bit bitter.  I went and got a small French Vanilla to mix with it.  Got to remember never to try anything new when it comes to creamer.  I’ve tried most and keep going back to my standard.

Well that is all for now.  Have to put away Christmas today.  Tree, village on the mantel and misc decor around the living room.  Didn’t do the outside this year so only the inside of the house needs putting away.  Shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

Just put the bread maker on and making a simple onion flavored white bread to go with my Faki, Greek Lentil Soup.  Mine is fairly simple with lentils, whole basil leaf, lots of garlic and vinegar at the end.  Some call for celery or shredded carrot but that isn’t how it was made for me as a kid, so I am a bit of a purist and got my Thea’s recipe (Greek for Aunt).  My boys love it!

What are you all reading at the beginning of this year?  Share your books and recommendations!


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