The best laid plans….

Well my day of sitting in the living room in front of an open window listening to the rain and reading my new book are broken.  I have too much to do today so that will just have to wait.  Not to mention the “rain” (I put that into quotes because here in CA the weather people always make such a big deal out of sprinkles that they call it rain…sometimes go so far to call it a storm!  Ohhh) didn’t really come down as I would have loved it to.  A bit of sprinkling off an on this morning but it all ended too soon around 9 am.  Not supposed to “rain” again till around 4 pm.

My day you ask?  Well my middle son (just turned 16) needs a new bed.  Last night we went here in town and looked at beds for him.  $$$$ dang they are pricey but hey he really needs one.  You see my baby was born with Cerebral Palsy and severe club feet.  He is partially paralyzed on his left side from the CP and has had 4 surgeries on his feet.  His body isn’t built like “normal” (yep there I go with those parenthesis again) people’s bodies.  He is weaker on his left side and the muscle mass is so much lower.  He hurts.  He often hurts when he wakes up because his bed is older and the springs are tough little buggers.  So we went down and he tried out many beds and finally settled on a pillow top.  It’s by Sealy and really pricey for us but we will work it out somehow.  Also getting him a new dresser.  SOOOO with those being delivered tomorrow I have to go into a teenage boys room and clear it out and change it around to make room for the new stuff.  Going to have my oldest help me out today to get it done.  It’s a big job, it’s a big mess in there.  So wish me luck!

Maybe I can get to my book in a few days if the “rain” comes back.  Not that I don’t read when it isn’t raining but it’s always nicer when it is raining.


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