Oh Happy Day, The New Nora Roberts book is out!

So today I am a happy gal.  The third book of the Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts is out.  Island of Glass was just released and I have the e-book just waiting to be read.  I am going to finish my current Nora book first.  And by the way after reading a little bit more yesterday and this morning I am enjoying where it is going, see my notes on it in yesterdays post.  I am about half way through the book now.

So the new book!  I read the first two and they are great fun!  A real adventure.  Magics.  Supernatural beings including a Mermaid, a Lycanthrope, a Seer, a Magician and more.  It really is a fun read and now all three books are out so if you have not read them and you enjoy adventure, magic and some romance then rush out and pick them up from your library or book store.  Giving you the link to Amazon so check them out there too.

Stars of Fortune is the first book.  Bay of Sighs the second and now Island of Glass.

Oh and even happier when I look at the forecast and see that there may be rain on Thursday!  Think I will snuggle up on the couch with my coffee, fuzzy blanket and new book on Thursday after dropping boys at school and open the window, listen to the rain and indulge myself for a few hours of reading and peacefulness.





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