What I am currently reading

So the other day I mentioned that I wasn’t totally thrilled with the current book I am reading.  First I will say I have a few favorite authors who are my go to.  Nora Roberts is one of them.  I am not a huge romance reader but I enjoy her books when they are supernatural in nature.  Witches and ghosts and all the like.  It makes it fun.  I became a fan many years ago while perusing the book section of the local thrift shop.  I can’t remember which book it was.  Anyway I now have all of her books, including her mystery writer books under JD Robb, in ebook format (except the one that will never be put in ebook).

Right now I am reading Enchanted :: The Donovan Legacy.  It is book #4.  The first three I flew through and they were great fun.  All different but connected and you get to revisit the characters from the previous books.  Another reason I enjoy her books is a lot are trilogies.  Anyway so I am on book 4 now.  Character is still a Donovan but not one I am familiar with per the first three books.  In this one it seems the other 3 Donovans (cousins) are not part of this, or at least not yet.  The reason I am not that thrilled with this one is the way the main male lead, Liam Donovan, is portrayed.  He can take shape as a wolf and has not told the female lead, Rowan, of his true self yet.  Anyhoo he has at times gone to her in wolf form and been there while she undressed, bathed and while she spoke to him about Liam the human or about her personal feelings/secrets.  I just don’t feel that is in character for Nora in this book and it is throwing me off.  She usually has much more respect for non magical persons and not harming anyone with their gifts.  Although he is not harming he is taking advantage and that is one of the reasons I am not enjoying this one as much as the others.  Still a nice story and her writing always takes you to the place and puts you right there.  She has an easy way of description that always makes you feel as if you are there and can picture all the scenery as well as the people.

I will at a later date tell you who my other favorite authors are.  For now maybe check Nora out if you haven’t already and try a trilogy of hers.  I would recommend the Donovan Legacy since it is fresh in my mind.  Your local library should have them.  If you read or have read them let me know what you thought.


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