What a neat idea…

Normally I get up in the morning, turn on my PC, grab a cup of coffee and read the news.  Go over to Facebook and read a bit then move over to my email and read more.  Yep I love to read no matter what it is.  (Although at the moment the book I am reading is a disappointment of sorts but I will get to that later).  So I’m scrolling FB and see an advert for this website.  Normally I don’t click on the adverts but this one caught my eye and being fellow book lovers I thought I would share it with you.  I do not in anyway have anything to do with these folks.  I just found it and have not looked into their product much other than to browse around a bit looking at the content.  I don’t know the quality of their products or how they conduct business so I can not give a review (hey if Lithographs reads this just know I am right here waiting to review it all for you so feel free to contact me and I will try any and all products for you…by the way, The Princess Bride is one of my favs!).  I just thought it was a neat idea.  Yea I just used the word neat lol…deal with it.

So the site is called Lithographs and the idea is so cool.  They take words from contemporary books, maybe a poem, and print the words on a tee shirt, tote bag and even a scarf.  Add a bit of graphic art and viola!  Take a peek.  Have you tried their products before?  Let us know in the comments and tell us what you think.

And since I mentioned The Princess Bride here are some pics of the scarf and tee.




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