Just a few memes for today

Well my plans for saving a bit of $ here and there went down the ..well you get it.  Had to use $10 of my $15 for some household stuff the other day when we were caught short of cash.  Oh well, will start again.  Good news is I think I have planted that seed in hubby’s head and am watering and tending it every chance I get when we are out and about in shops.  I stop to look at coffee makers to see if there are good prices and look at the different brands, get his opinion etc.  So Christmas is coming and my birthday is in February.  Crossin’ my fingers.


I have so ingrained this into my boys heads.  Anytime we get in the car and it is daylight out and my wipers are on I ask them “What is the rule?” and whomever is in the car with me answers “Wipers on, headlights on!”.

Please remember this! I have always used this rule of thumb…if your wipers are on then your headlights should be too. Fog, rain, snow…turn them on folks!


Saw this this morning on Facebook and it just hit home for me.  Living in a household of 7 people rarely makes it quiet in here.  When kids go to school, hubby is at work and things are quiet, well it feels decadent.


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