Found a fun coffee site

Well it’s Sunday here in my little part of CA with a cup of coffee next to me and a wet day outside.  Makes for a very happy me even though my boys didn’t let me sleep in.

I have had my new blog here for a few days as well as the new Twitter and Instagram accounts connected to it.  I was actually followed on Twitter by a fun looking coffee company called MixCups.  I popped on over there to see what it was about and why they followed me.  Glad I did.  What a great little site.  They launched in 2012.  You should pop on over to read their story.  Well anyway they also have a contest going on giving away 34 free pods.  Of course I entered even though I don’t yet have a K-Cup® Brewing System.  One day.  I have $15 saved so far.  Not sure that will grow anytime soon but I will keep percolating away at it.

So their site over at MixCups is pretty fab.  What a great idea and it seems reasonable on pricing.  I have not tried their product yet so I can’t give a review on it but maybe one day.  All I can say is that it would make a fun and unique gift for that coffee lover on your list this year.  Better yet get two and give one to yourself for being such a thoughtful friend!  For only $12.95 you can send out a fun Mini Mix of 10 per box of their featured selections.  Give that one as a gift then get yourself on the monthly subscription.  For just $29.95 a month you can get 30 cups of coffee.  That is just a $1 a day for that one special cup of coffee to treat yourself to.  They also have tea there if you get into that sort of thing.  Going to have to look around and see if they have a mix of both to send out like a combo pack of coffee and tea.  Anyway there is a fun idea for less than $15 to give a super gift to someone.

Well I am off for now.  Going to go watch my Cowboys!  Man are they have a great season!


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