What I am drinking and reading

Well today is the first day of the rest….jeez…no way I am starting off like that.  First, thanks for stopping in. Hope you have a good cuppa coffee in hand while you peruse.

Today I am drinking, only on my 3rd cup, Folgers Classic Roast with French Vanilla by Coffee Mate.  I have tried several different brands of drip coffee but seem to keep coming back to this one.  Same with the creamer.  At times it can be a little bitter but the creamer makes it just right.  I have a Mr. Coffee 12 cup programmable drip coffee maker that looks like this one but about a year or 2 older.  I do want to eventually get a K-Cup® Brewing System.  Hubby and I would love to have one but alas not in the budget for now.  Might just have to start socking away a few dollars here and there in secret.  Shhhhh.

I have a Kindle Fire.  Hubby bought it for me as a Christmas/birthday present a few years back so it isn’t a new one and recently it has started to act a bit wonky on me.  I can’t tell you how much I love my Kindle without gushing.  I will try.  First it’s so easy to use.  I have had an Amazon account for many years so getting books for it from Amazon is a snap.  I also can plug it directly into my PC via USB cable and drag and drop books into the file.  ALSO I have this handy dandy nifty do-dad I downloaded from Amazon called Send to Kindle.  Not only does it send my books to my Kindle (or any other device you have registered at Amazon) but magazines, movies and so on.  Just right click a file on your PC and scroll down to the Send to Kindle option.  In there you can send it to any or all your devices.  For example I like reading magazine during hubby’s bowling nights.  I right click them from my PC and Send to my iPad2.  Open up the iPad and there it is!

So what am I currently reading?  I will tell you that one of my favorite authors to read is Nora Roberts.  I love her books.  I suppose it is a guilty pleasure to read a romance novel and to be honest I am not much of a romance reader.  Her books are different though.  They often times have supernatural themes to them.  Right now I am reading book 3 in the Donovan Legacy Series called Charmed.  Books 1 and 2 I went through very quickly and book 3 is half way done already.  Then on to book 4!

I am also trying to start J.K. Rowling‘s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I have to tell you that I love Harry Potter.  I picked up the first book quite by accident one night.  I had just finished one of Nora’s books and it was pretty late.  My boys were asleep and my oldest was about 12 at the time I think.  I didn’t have any other books to read so I went into his room and spotted the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Meh…ok.  I couldn’t put that book down!  I was hooked!  Anyway I have been a what do you call them?  A Potterhead ever since.  So now that this new movie is coming out I want to read the book first.  Not sure I will get through the whole thing before I see the movie and that will be a first for me.  Have always gotten the books first then watched the films.

So that is all for today.  I hope you check out some of the books I am reading and let me know if you have read them or plan to.  Always happy to chit chat about some of my favorite things.


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